Julia Burns

Julia's ceramic work is defined by figurative, feelings, and personality. Taking the form of a horse, she uses her work to attribute human characteristics. Horses have always been an inspiring part of her life and she has always felt an emotional connection with animals, even stronger than with some people. She portrays human emotions through the horse to communicate with the viewer. Her work comes from her subconscious, escaping, creating questions and answers in her life. She hopes to create dialog among viewers pushing beyond human natural instinct to personify attitudes and perceptions related to the expression or gesture of the work.

After being immersed in ceramics for 2 years at the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Julia transferred to a sculptural ceramics program at Georgia State University. She attended a workshop with Beth Cavener Stichter who has helped Julia progress in the direction she wanted with sculptural ceramics. Julia is currently completing her last semester to earn her BFA at Georgia State University.